Spin Class is good for my Soul.

It’s raining outside and I think to myself, will I really be missed if I don’t go to spin class?

As the time moves forward, the rain starts to slow and I know there is no excuse. So I start to open my closet to look for a workout outfit. I dress, feed the dogs, walk outside and play a little with the dogs. I come back in, get my water bottle, fill it up and then grab my bag, shoes, (check) wallet (check), dogs in kennels, (check) I grab my keys and get going.

As I drive towards the spin studio, I get a little more excited thinking I am going to get my butt kicked and sweat...and I know I need it so bad. I am parking and walking in when I hear a shout, “so glad to see you!!”

The family like feel of the group of people is amazing. We have all been spinning together for a while. I walk in, sign in and say my hellos. Grab my towels and go into the studio. My spin partner is setting his bike up and already talking about the fung shway of his bike and how someone got his bike so he is concerned this bike won’t be a good fit. It cracks me up. Everyone is very ritual like about the workout, same bike, does it get enough fan? It’s all a lot of fun to watch. Plus he says, “I ate a whole bag of chips today.” I look at him and crack up. He is getting ready to burn those off.

The instructor comes in and announces its Matt’s 100th spin class. Everyone does a woohoo! 100 is a lot of classes and dedication. The lights go out the music starts and its 9 songs of total adrenaline, sweat and moans. The instructor does a lot of motivating, then at one point yells out loud in a tough voice, “Spin those legs for someone else! Now GOGOGO!” My heart is beating for my kids, and my friends I

love. I know on any given day someone in my circle needs the love and support. The Instructor leads us up and down hills on our stationary bikes. The red knob which controls the resistance turns right and creates a physical response with your body. The more resistance you have on the better your workout.

As we hit our 8 th song my legs are blowing out. I am exhausted. Finally time for weights which are 2 pounds each but feel like 10. Then a good stretch and we are done. I look at my spin partner and tell him “you should've eaten 2 bags of chips! This was a killer class!” At the end of class people walk out together, red faces, sweat and laughter. “We did it!” We all talk about the weekend coming up to do rides together. It’s my new family I have created post Carl.

I run back inside to give Matt a high five for his 100th spin class, I look at his signature on the wall and comment “it looks like the one in my middle school yearbook!” We crack up and I mention to the instructor that Matt and I grew up together and through spin have reunited. I love this place. It takes me to a new home for my soul. A place where I have found a new family that knows me for me.

I am so Thankful. I am glad I got up and went to spin class, it was and is good for my soul.