Be Thankful for Nursing Home Angels

I was recently at a local senior home to pick up some paperwork for a client and I took a moment to stop and feel gratitude for all the wonderful people who everyday get up and take care of family members who no longer can live at home or function within a family any longer. I could see Angels in the room.


Most people drive by these homes and don’t think twice until they are faced with a loved one’s situation.  I have to admit I was in the same space until my dad had to enter into a home. I learned to rethink how we as humans respect each other and how at the end of someone’s life it could be the most important time of a loved one’s life where respect and dignity is so important.  There is a special kind of person who values the life of those that have become unable to care for themselves and are willing to share holidays working to care and support their patients to make them feel comfortable and secure.  They provide the buffer to families, so they can share time with their loved ones.  I can recall picking up my dad, driving him out to Boerne, Texas dropping him with friends to only turn around and pick him up three hours later to return him back to the nursing home facility to the waiting nurses to administer a change and medical support. I was exhausted and didn’t want to miss anything nor want my dad to miss anything. It was a busy time and I knew at some point, I would lose my dad ~ but it was the nurses who were the real hero’s that waited on him and helped him change, bathe and get ready for bed.  I would sit and watch and think, how thankful I was for each of them.


If you ever want to look into the future, stop by and walk through or become a volunteer. Many families are worn out trying to care for their loved ones in a home while working a career and raising their own family. It can be so incredibly overwhelming. So, this year, give Thanks for your today, your everything, meaning your family and friends.  The present is so important, give way to any disagreements to share time and space to know one day we could be in a place where we depend on perfect Angels to care for us and provide the buffer for our families.


Give Thanks to those Angels who show up and care for those that cannot speak for themselves on holidays and everyday.


Be present in your Thanksgiving.