Children, Parents & Loss ~ Our Corporate Plan

It’s not something anyone wants to think about. Ever. We received a call late last week from a Corporate Client of ours needing help for one of its most valuable employees. After the initial shock of hearing the news, we immediately jumped in and started to help.

I have to admit the funeral home was a bit taken aback, not quite sure what I was doing standing in their foyer asking about services but after I explained I was Advocating for a family, they provided the information I needed. I am used to working with most funeral homes and have made great contacts with a lot of them, but this was a new relationship I was building.

We contacted the church and drove out to grave sites to provide scope for the family.

Our goal is to lessen the blow for families.

On Saturday, I received a call from the funeral director asking for some family information and she politely said, “We do what you do, we do it all the time, so rest assured we have this…”

I hesitated and then told her it was my job to make sure the family feels safe and supported. I know funeral directors do their best and they do a great job.  Our job at LOLA is to provide guidance and support.  Plus, we are there for the family way after the funeral to help provide support and guidance.

As I sat on Sunday morning and was putting an obituary outline together, I realized Advocating is one of our key goals to be there to help at a most vulnerable and sad time. While we think most people have families to help them, sometimes they need a third party to step in and just be there in observance ~ to let the entire family grieve.

Children are God’s true blessings and when for unknown reasons they are taken from us too soon, it feels unsteady and sad. Our mission at LOLA is to support before, during and after a loss.

Our Corporate client hired us to help prepare their employees and support them during a life transition. It’s a perfect fit to provide the support the employee needs then guide them into an Employee Assistance Program or counseling at the appropriate time.

We value our clients trusting us, and our partners.  The funeral directors and pastors are miracle workers with what they do, and we are so grateful for them and their service.

LOLA is here to provide guidance and support before, during and after a loss.