LOLA's Open Highway

LOLA Case Study

We recently received a referral from a Non-Profit Board in San Antonio. They had received news that one of their employees had just passed-away suddenly and they wanted to help her husband.

Time of Loss clients are never the same, they all start off at different places in their process and so it takes a little time to establish what their immediate and long term needs exactly are at that moment.

I called over to the husband and he was expecting my call. He was so open and willing and ready to sit down to meet. He was overwhelmed with the details of his wife’s death. She handled a lot of the bills and everyday items around the house. He was overwhelmed by family and friends and nervous about the funeral.

When we first met, we walked through his grief, and we role played when people asked about how his wife died, how he could respond.  We then looked at all of his bills and financials to see which accounts had her name, their joint names and his names on them.  He had just purchased a car for her so he was overwhelmed with what to do with the car. (moving from 2 incomes to 1 was stressing him out) We spent a good 2-3 hours together outlining a plan and what we could handle for him.

During the next 6 weeks we would meet, talk and email.  We picked up Death Certificates and helped get them out to providers, banks and vendors for him.  We reviewed his medical benefits and helped set him up for a doctor appointment to get him benchmarked.  We assisted with moving a 401K over to his financial accounts and held on the line with him and social security to submit the claim for his wife’s death benefit. We advocated for him at the car dealership and they took the car back. He needed help filling out forms so we assisted him with completing them to ensure they were filled out correctly.

At the end of our time together he quickly became part of the LOLA family.  He was getting ready to embark on a road trip to grieve and begin his new journey on the life highway. My heart was so full that we could clear the path for him.

When people ask us what we do, it’s different for every single person.  Because everyone’s needs are different.  Its more than grief guidance, its more than helping find a probate lawyer, it’s being the guidance someone needs during their darkest times.