If you look into the clouds, you can see baby footprints in the sky

I started to write about Mother’s Day and then an image lit up in my head. An image of a client I recently helped that lost her baby way too soon. The vision of her bravery hit me like a wave, and as much as I wanted to write a blog about my own kids, I knew what my heart wanted to do was write about hers.

For the sake of privacy, I won’t say her name, but she is beautiful. Imagine a picture-perfect Hallmark card mom with 4 sons. Her hands are full with their energy and when she lost her baby son, she and her husband dove right in and swallowed up the Grief.

They showed us how to handle as best as possible through faith what it looked like to answer God’s call for their son. While to some it made no sense, to her as a mom, she did what so many of us do all the time, we get up, and start moving to make mac n cheese for the other kiddos. She played and laughed with the boys and knew at the back of her brain how much it hurt yet showed grace to us the entire time.

It has been a few months since she and her husband suffered their loss. But to me I can go back to the day we sat and tried to cover up grief with laughter and I remember then I said to myself, her Mother’s Days will always be a little less in some ways and she will know more about the meaning of Mother’s Day better than the rest of us.

While most of us will visit with our kids this Mother’s Day, I ask you to sit for a moment, take a deep breath and think of this lovely lady and send her light and love for her first Mother’s Day without her baby.

If you know someone who has suffered a loss and is a Mother, please reach out and send them your love and light.

Happy Mother’s Day to my client, who I will forever adore. And to all the moms and daughters out there- Happy Mother’s Day to you~