Our LOLA Advocates Wear Super Hero Capes!

Our LOLA Advocates wear Super Hero Capes!

How many of you have been in a car accident and wished someone else was there to guide you through all the crazy stuff?

Recently, our LOLA Advocate Jesse Morales helped a family who had been in a serious car accident. With a car totaled and injuries, he was able to assist them. His 20 plus years in the insurance industry allowed him to be able to focus on the family, helping guide them through all the nuances of what happens after an accident. He was their HERO! Moving them through all the processes because he knows where the gaps are!

  • Filing an auto claim

  • Legal referral

  • Gap claim for auto

  • Credit counseling for auto replacement

  • Shopping for a new car

  • Personal Injury claim

  • Just to name a few things....

    LOLA loves to help our clients get prepared by walking them through all the forms to make sure they have everything in order in case of a life transition, but we also serve a ministry to our clients, being there with them during difficult moments.

    When we serve our clients, we refer them to only the vendors we feel can empathize with them during the difficult moments.

    If you want to learn more or know someone who would be a great LOLA Advocate, contact us. Our Advocates fill in the gaps everywhere!

    Call or text us at 210-802-2224 Email info@lossoflifeadvocates.com