I am unhappy with my Financial Advisor - can you help?

“I am so unhappy with my current Financial Advisor...do you like yours?”

I was sitting in the office waiting area of a Financial Advisor who works closely with LOLA when older lady I had come up in the elevator with blurted this out across the room to me. She had arrived with me and was sitting and waiting for her appointment. I had noticed she seemed upset and she had made a big sigh before she said this out loud to me.

I reached in my purse and gave her my card, I mentioned that I was a consultant and would be happy to help her. She said that her seasoned Financial Advisor of many years had left the group and they had given her as a client to a new young kid. I cracked up, “Thank god I decided to let my grey hairs grow in!” We both laughed. She said she was unhappy and had no idea how to get rid of the guy they had assigned her to. I mentioned she could go to any advisor she wanted and that she had a say in the process. About 2 minutes later, the office manager came up and told her that her appointment was the day before and her guy was out of the office. The lady looked at me and asked if she could meet the Advisor I was there to see. I nodded my head and said, “you can have my appointment time!”

We quickly discussed her lengthy career in teaching, then my Trusted LOLA Advisor came to the front and I mentioned he may have a new client. He sat back on his heels and said he was happy to help. We met briefly regarding another client and then I left him and this cute lady to meet and see if the connection was good.

Many times, we get to refer out to our valuable resources for LOLA clients, breaking through all the layers of interviewing and time it takes to find the right person for their team.

We enjoy seeing our clients make great connections with resources we think are valuable.