We understand thinking and talking about death is uncomfortable, which IS WHY MANY families ARE LEFT unprepared and unprotected.

Most families are unaware of how much work it takes to close out an estate, or the amount of stress it puts on survivors. 

Not knowing what to do or how to handle all the details can leave family members feeling stuck, vulnerable, and unable to grieve or move forward, creating unnecessary emotional trauma at an already difficult time. 

Unless families are prepared and protected in advance, they run the risk of falling prey to companies or individuals that can mislead them or take advantage of the situation.

We believe that every family deserves the time to mourn the loss of a loved one without the additional burden of fear or stress.  

Schedule your Complimentary Assessment Call below.  Your LOLA Advocate will provide you with the guidance you need on everything from closing out a loved one’s estate, to grief support, organizing important paperwork and more. We even offer corporate plans to help your organization deal with employees facing a life-changing diagnosis or loss. We are here to help you find peace so the healing process can begin. 

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We know the moments surrounding a diagnosis or loss are immensely overwhelming.  The paperwork and decision-making alone are daunting tasks, and the grief can last for months. 

It’s important during these times to have someone you can talk to, and who can help you organize your thoughts.

If you feel stuck after the loss of a loved one and don’t know where to start, or if you need help preparing for your family’s future, we are happy to begin the conversation with you today.