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San Marcos and San Antonio, TX

Focus: Military Families, Time of Loss, Individual/Family Preparation/Planning, Consultation

Zan has 30 years of experience as a military and medical chaplain and 6 years experience as a grief mentor, working as a Grief Coordinator for two hospices. Zan helps individuals and groups weekly as they deal with illness and the death of loved ones. He finds that LOLA provides great support for those struggling with losses, including anticipated, ongoing and past losses and wants to be a part of a group of caring people who help those in need, in alignment with the services he has provided in hospices and hospitals throughout the years. Zan's mother died from a short term illness when he was a young adult. He has had other deaths of other close family members, multiple moves and the loss of pets. Zan’s father lived with and depended on him to provide daily living support and guidance for two years and has recently moved to be closer to a daughter for further support.

Special Certifications:

Zan has a BS in Education from Auburn University, a Master of Arts in Christian Education and Master of Divinity from a major seminary and is an approved healthcare chaplain by a major faith tradition. Zan has five units of Clinical Pastoral Education through the nationally recognized Association of Clinical Pastoral Education. He is retired military with two combat tours. or 214-632-2229

Disclaimer: Our LOLA Certified Advocates are certified through our LOLA Certification Program, allowing them to utilize our LOLA Services while assisting you with your life transition needs. Our LOLA Certified Advocates list currently includes professionals that are located in San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding area; however, we will expand to other areas of Texas and others states soon. Each LOLA Certified Advocate is an independent contractor and does not operate as our employee or agent. We do not make any guarantees or warranties of their services.