The greatest gift someone can leave their family is being prepared now, so they can mourn and grieve in peace later.
— P. Gus Cardenas, Former President of AARP Texas

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Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

Losing someone you love, watching someone you care about go through a loss, or adjusting to life after a sudden medical diagnosis is incredibly difficult. Those affected by the sudden loss are unaware of the emotional toll the stress from the work ahead will take on their lives, or the necessary steps required in the logistical process.

LOLA lifts that burden.

Unless families are prepared and protected in advance, or seek support when they are at their most vulnerable, they risk falling prey to companies or individuals that can mislead them or take advantage of their grief.

Our Services

A LOLA Advocate is able to provide you, or a loved one with numerous areas of support. Your personal advocate can help you close out a loved one’s estate, with grief support, organize important paperwork, or provide referrals to one of our trusted partners at a special rate.

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