How to Prepare & Protect Your Family's Legacy 

Set up a Free 30 minute consultation to evaluate ways to better prepare and protect your family

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1. schedule a Call

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation to find out how LOLA can help with your unique needs. 


2. Get Prepared

Protect your family by organizing and reviewing your policies and accounts. 


3. protect your family

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your family is protected and prepared. 

Providing Support & Guidance to families Before and after:

the Loss of a loved one

  • Survivor Grief Recovery Support
  • Discussing the processes of hospice
  • Assisting families who are out of town with help
  • Guidance on next steps after your loss – paperwork, banking, probate
  • Funeral home referrals & support
  • Guidance on closing down a business 
  • Communication intermediary for services
  • Pet services- finding a foster home during a loss/illness
  • Death Certificate distribution
  • Guidance on closing down a loved one’s estate/home
  • Listening to your needs and finding resources for you

A life altering Diagnosis

  • Guidance on gathering all important documents
  • Referrals to resources to help you prepare your paperwork, Will, DNR, Power of Attorney etc.
  • Answering questions about hospice, how best to plan your transition
  • Step by step assistance on preparing information for survivors
  • Assistance with research for you or loved ones

with resource assistance:

  • Hospice & End of life caregivers 
  • Lawyers
  • Bankers & Financial Planners, CPA's
  • Pastoral Care
  • Counselors
  • Realtors & Estate Sale Liquidators
  • Insurance Professionals 

We offer package and hourly consulting    

  • Loss of Life Consultation Package: $1200 (10 Hours) 
  • Create Your Family Plan: $1500  (10 Hours)
  • Business Owners Plan: $450 (3 hours)
  • Hourly Consultation : $140/ hour
  • 5 Hour Consultation Package: $675
  • Corporate Packages & Seminars Available : Please Call For Information   
  • Gift Certificates Available ~(a thoughtful gift in lieu of flowers)  
  • Individual & Group Grief Recovery Support Sessions(8 weeks)