Business Plan

Using LOLA’s Customized Business Guide, our LOLA Advocates walk business owners through a three-hour course that provides them with the necessary steps to get them prepared for an unexpected life transition, whether it is a disability or loss. In addition, we assist business owners in gathering the necessary documents to close, sell, or transfer ownership of their company.

If you need help preparing your business for your absence, we are happy to begin the conversation with you today.

Key Benefits of Business Plan


document business infrastructure

LOLA listens to your needs and finds proper resources for you, such as bankers, financial planners, and realtors. We help identify important steps, such as documentation of all business owner IDs and passwords, personal and business contracts, and overall processes.

developing processes & procedures

LOLA helps create proper checklists and documentation, such as copies of all things signed by the business owner, ensuring all bankers and insurers will be notified, access to all business and personal contracts and more.


protect your hard-earned success

By asking each possible question, LOLA provides business owners with the guidance and the relief they need. We ensure that your employees would be able to close the business and protect your assets.