Meet our lola team

We are a family owned company with a heart for our community. Our team focuses on outreach and connections to help our advocates and vendors to provide the services our community needs.


 Nathan Pipoly | Chief operations Officer

LOLA was founded by Esther Pipoly in 2017. Her son, Nathan Pipoly, soon joined her to become her Chief Operations Officer.
Nathan’s role as visionary is to ensure that all of the services offered by LOLA through our advocates and vendors runs smoothly and is cost effective for both the company and our clients.

LOLA’s Co-Founder, grew up in San Antonio, Texas and has first-hand knowledge about losing a loved one and the impact that loss has on family members. Having lost his father and grandfather just 63 days apart in 2014, Nathan not only felt the devastating loss but saw what his own mother experienced as she settled two estates while grieving. When life began to normalize, his mother, Esther Pipoly, developed the concept for Loss of Life Advocates to help others that found themselves in similar situations of unexpected loss. Together they have designed a support program so everyone can preserve their legacy and reclaim precious time with their loved ones. In his free time, Nathan enjoys traveling, the outdoors, and spending time with family.


Adyn pipoly | Community relations advocate

In 2018 Adyn, Esther’s daughter, moved from Denver, Colorado to join LOLA as Community Relations Advocate.
Adyn is looking forward to sharing LOLA with new communities as the company continues to grow and more people are able to get loss of life support.

Adyn played a pivotal source of support for her mother, Esther, and brother, Nathan, as the family launched Loss of Life Advocates. Her passion for LOLA is rooted in the sudden passing of her father and grandfather within just 63 days of each other. She had to endure watching her mother struggle through immense grief while she tried to blindly navigate the difficulty of closing two estates unexpectedly.

Erik Saenz.JPG

erik saenz | Business development

In 2019, Erik Saenz joined the team to lead the Division of Business Development for LOLA.
In addition to lending his voice to educating our community about LOLA, Erik reaches out to local businesses to offer LOLA for individuals, families, business owners, and companies.