The LOLA Corporate plan is designed to provide your employees with the utmost support during their time of grief and adjustment. Your corporate plan includes three comprehensive workshops to get your employees LOLA ready with out in-depth LOLA curriculum forms, a presentation from our leadership team with the LOLA employee loss transition booklet, and LOLA independent support guidance hours.

If you are ready to provide this supportive level of care for your employees, we are happy to begin the conversation with you.

Key Benefits of the CORPORATE plan


Prepare and protect your employees

LOLA helps employees prepare important life documents. We provide three workshops to gather personal and financial information and get prepared.

office protocols and procedures

LOLA provides managers with training and guidance on how to better assist employees with sudden loss, terminal diagnosis, or catastrophic injury.


life transition

LOLA can help your employees by guiding and supporting them through a life transition, even if it is outside the work place. We can provide assistance with research for your employees and their loved ones.