Our Advocates


Our Certified LOLA Advocates are here to inform you on LOLA’s different services and help you find a plan that best suits your needs. As LOLA expands its reach beyond San Antonio, our advocates will be located in multiple cities around the nation available at your fingertips.


Now in 5 Texas locations!




Fredericksburg, Boerne, Comfort, Castroville, Medina and San Antonio, TX

Serenity Drum has always had a passion and calling for working with seniors. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker with 20 years experience in gerontology. Work experience includes Director of Social Services in a nursing and rehabilitation facility, Volunteer Coordinator for a hospice and 10 years as a hospice social worker. Experience includes facilitating support groups, providing grief services and referrals as needed to best service the client and/or their families. She received a bachelors degree in social work and a masters degree in social work administration from Texas State University and is currently in clinical supervision to advance to a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

SerenityDrum@gmail.com or 830-612-0670

Linda Atkins - Temp.JPG


Fredericksburg, TX

Linda Atkins has worked in the field of mental health for over 20 years. She is a LMSW-PhD Board Certified Professional Counselor and holds a PhD in Christian Counseling. She is also a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coaching Institute of America.

Linda has been a family therapist for substance programs, Clinical Director for substance abuse problems, a special education counselor, and Director of Social Services in long-term care and hospice. Using her experience as a social worker and a coach, Linda will be assisting families with Individual Planning to prepare and protect the legacy you have built.



Austin, TX

BA Human Development

Debi has an extensive background in social services, hospice and senior living which has included directly working with families in crisis and in ongoing challenging situations. Debi’s experience with case management, grief and loss support, finding and providing resources, allows her to discern quickly what is needed during a crisis to enable smooth transitions and clear communications for all involved.

It is her passion to provide support and guidance during an overwhelming loss to those in need. “LOLA offers such an important service to those who are facing emotional and logistical challenges and I want to be a part of an organization that provides real help to people who need it!” Debi networks with other like-minded professionals to help her stay current in the ever changing world of health and human services, and she enjoys the opportunity for public speaking.

debidouglass1@gmail.com or 512-650-5496

Alba Franco 20933.jpeg

Alba Franco

San Antonio, TX

Languages: English and Spanish

Over 20 plus years in the Corporate sector, Alba was in the Human Resources division for a Fortune 500 company. She semi-retired and moved to San Antonio to be closer to her daughter and family. Alba learned about LOLA and signed up to get prepared for her daughter. After successfully going through the program, Alba decided to be a LOLA pioneer and be part of our first group of certified advocates. Alba brings her strength in Human Resources and her own experiences to help individuals, families, and businesses with their LOLA plans. Alba is also a licensed Unity Financial Funeral Insurance agent.

Jesse Morales 3.jpg

Jesse Morales

San Antonio, TX

With over 20 years in the financial industry and insurance business, Jesse has helped countless families who have experienced vast life transitions including loss.  Suffering a personal loss as a teenager, he understands firsthand how financially difficult it can be for families and businesses after a loss.  He believes in LOLA’s model of precise planning, preparing families, and protecting what matters most while preserving your family’s legacy.  Jesse is always ready to assist with his value added advice before, during, and after a loss.  

Jesse@mylolaadvocate.com or 210-379-5292

Zelda Morales 5.jpg

Zelda Perez-Morales

San Antonio, TX

With years of training and coaching within the USA in the financial industry, Zelda has become a LOLA Advocate to provide the entire package for her clients. Zelda understands first-hand how impacted families and businesses are affected by the loss of a loved one, especially if they are not prepared. Along with her husband, she focuses on LOLA training and expansion, as well as assisting clients with their Individual and Business plans. Her years of training and coaching is an asset for LOLA clients as they receive both the LOLA guidance and benefit of a coach.

Zelda@mylolaadvocate.com or 210-378-6958


Copy of Erik Saenz

erik saenz

San Antonio, TX

As a husband and business owner, becoming a LOLA Advocate is very personal for Erik. Childbirth was a very harrowing experience for his wife, Mona, who has a autoimmune deficiency. While she was very near to death, Erik was in search of doctors, information about what to do with her diagnosis, and what to expect. He did not have LOLA to lean on. “If I had had LOLA, I could have spent that time next to my wife at her bedside, focusing on the important personal memories we wanted to share with each other and to pass on to our child.” Erik is a part of the LOLA team as Business Development Advocate.

PH: 210-392-4705



San Marcos and San Antonio, TX

Focus: Military Families, Time of Loss, Individual/Family Preparation/Planning, Consultation

Zan has 30 years of experience as a military and medical chaplain and 6 years experience as a grief mentor, working as a Grief Coordinator for two hospices. Zan helps individuals and groups weekly as they deal with illness and the death of loved ones. He finds that LOLA provides great support for those struggling with losses, including anticipated, ongoing and past losses and wants to be a part of a group of caring people who help those in need, in alignment with the services he has provided in hospices and hospitals throughout the years. Zan's mother died from a short term illness when he was a young adult. He has had other deaths of other close family members, multiple moves and the loss of pets. Zan’s father lived with and depended on him to provide daily living support and guidance for two years and has recently moved to be closer to a daughter for further support.

Special Certifications:

Zan has a BS in Education from Auburn University, a Master of Arts in Christian Education and Master of Divinity from a major seminary and is an approved healthcare chaplain by a major faith tradition. Zan has five units of Clinical Pastoral Education through the nationally recognized Association of Clinical Pastoral Education. He is retired military with two combat tours.

Zan@mylolaadvocate.com or 214-632-2229

Adrian Zapata.jpg

adrian zapata

Laredo, TX

Adrian Zapata resides in Laredo, Texas but has traveled the world growing up in the military. Adrian has over 15 plus years in sales in the insurance industry. His passion for LOLA comes from a personal space of losing his father as a young man and his grandfather. Adrian sees the benefit of being prepared and is excited to work with LOLA and its expansion.

Phone: 956-286-6244



Disclaimer: Our LOLA Certified Advocates are certified through our LOLA Certification Program, allowing them to utilize our LOLA Services while assisting you with your life transition needs. Our LOLA Certified Advocates list currently includes professionals that are located in San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding area; however, we will expand to other areas of Texas and others states soon. Each LOLA Certified Advocate is an independent contractor and does not operate as our employee or agent. We do not make any guarantees or warranties of their services.