Esther, Nathan & Adyn Pipoly

Esther, Nathan & Adyn Pipoly

We moved nine times in two years. That is what losing two people we loved caused — total chaos.

We had to act fast after losing both my father and husband 63 days apart in 2014. Between closing down a business, legal affairs, and credit card companies calling, we were living in a mess. After quickly learning I was going to need help closing two estates, I realized after searching through the internet and making multiple phone calls, that there was really no one who could help me. I knew I had to create a team approach and I found myself juggling many balls in the air at the same time. It was overwhelming and stressful. After 840 days, I was finally able to close my husband’s estate and I was ready to put my dream of starting a company to help families get prepared and organized ahead of time into motion. I don’t want anyone to have to look aimlessly for the answers after losing their loved one.

Loss of Life Advocates, also known as LOLA, (and named after my mother who died in 1999) was created to help families prepare for unexpected life transitions, including loss, because we know the work of closing down a loved one’s life can be overwhelming. We guide families through initiating the conversation, gathering all important documentation, and assisting with referrals and resources. My ultimate wish is for families to begin accumulating their information so that when an untimely event does occur, everything is securely organized and accessible for their loved ones.

We understand thinking and talking about death is uncomfortable, which IS WHY MANY families ARE LEFT unprepared and unprotected.

Most families are unaware of how much work it takes to close out an estate or the amount of stress it puts on survivors. 

Not knowing what to do or how to handle all of the details can leave family members feeling stuck, vulnerable, and unable to grieve or move forward, creating unnecessary emotional trauma at an already difficult time.

Unless families are prepared and protected in advance, they run the risk of falling prey to companies or individuals that can mislead them or take advantage of the situation.

We believe that every family deserves the time to mourn the loss of a loved one without the additional burden of fear or stress.