Founder's message

After I lost my husband and father I spent so much time searching for help. I was financially paralyzed, emotionally paralyzed and left with having to close down two estates as well as go through legal battles.  I created LOLA so I could hold the flashlight for you.  So you have someone to guide you through the maze of all that happens before and after a loss.  

a message from the Founder of Lola

About The Founder of Lola 


LOLA’s Founder and Owner, Esther Cardenas Pipoly grew up in San Antonio, Texas and has first-hand knowledge about losing a loved one. Having lost her father and husband just 63 days apart in 2014, Esther knew that her life-long career in insurance and personal life experiences were leading her to help others in the most difficult of times – death. Having been the executor for both her father and husband’s estates, Esther hopes to prevent for others the obstacles she faced.

 Esther, Nathan & Adyn Pipoly

Esther, Nathan & Adyn Pipoly

Graduate of The University of Texas at San Antonio B.A. Communication, 2003

Texas Licensed Agent – Health & Life 20+ years

Certified Grief Recovery Support Specialist - The Grief Recovery Method - Individual & Group Grief Support  

DISC Behavioral Certified – helping families better understand how to communicate during difficult moments.

The Final Acts Project, Board Chair