I have known Esther Pipoly and her late husband, Carl, for 25 years. I also knew Esther’s father. Gus Cardenas, for the same period of time. They are a wonderful family: one who has enriched my own family and myself. They have great integrity, humor and compassion. Tragedy struck this happy home three years ago, and Esther lost both her Father and her Husband through cancer within a short period of time.

Esther suffered grievously, but with the passage of time, she wants to help others who also are suffering with similar situations . Her warmth, understanding and joyful heart could only help others whose future appears bleak and loveless. It is like Esther to want to do this. She has a caring heart, filled with compassion. I’m sure she will succeed. I would expect nothing less from such a talented person.
— Former Mayor of San Antonio, Phil Hardberger

You were one of my main sources of comfort after I lost my mom and I can’t imagine having gone through it without you. I think it’s so important that you extend that same help to others. I can’t wait to see how many people you will help with Lola.
— Mathilde Jourdan

After my father passed away, I was trying to move along with my life, raising my children and running my own business. Esther noticed at dinner I was needing help navigating through the aftermath of losing my dad. She was able to zero in on areas I needed to ask for support with and followed up to check on me.
— Mari Aguirre-Rodriguez

Congratulations on your new endeavor. Though I was there to help with both your father and husband in their need for hospice care, you encountered too many other unexpected obstacles in your time of grieving. Your past resilience and problem solving skills have given you the vision to create your new company LOLA. LOLA will enable you to help those through the many difficulties no one expects after they suffer the loss of a loved one. So thank you for becoming an advocate for everyone that you will help.
— Jose A. Martinez, Senior Hospice Specialist Kindred Hospice

I found Esther and LOLA a year after the passing of my husband. I was completely overwhelmed and defeated not knowing what to do or who I could trust. LOLA helped me close out my husband’s estate and get the support I needed so I could finally find peace to grieve.
— Patricia Celis